About ApexCPD

About ApexCPD

Apex CPD is an online platform to manage your Continuous Professional Development (CPD). You will find, plan and take your CPD activities in one go. Simply set up your CPD goals and requirements and leave the rest to us. We will work to ensure that you achieve your professional goals and fulfil your annual compliance requirements!

Professionals will use the platform to;

  1. Set up their continuous professional development goals for the year;
  2. Align their own professional goals with professional body CPD requirements;
  3. Find and book CPD activities that align with their development goals;
  4. Participate in booked activities and take CPD short courses online;
  5. Manage and track their progress against their development goals and professional body compliance requirements;
  6. Give feedback on activities and short courses they have taken;
  7. Earn badges for completed activities that will be used to redeem or discount future development opportunities on the platform.

Subject Matter Experts either as individuals, institutions or professional associations use the platform to:

  1. Build and share their expertise by creating activities and short courses;
  2. Grow their profile as experts in their respective fields;
  3. Earn extra income by getting paid for developing content and every time someone takes or enrolls for your course.

Professional Associations use the platform to:

  1. Diversify their CPD offering through more activities and short courses;
  2. Expand their CPD delivery platforms;Have more delivery platforms.
  3. Engage a wider section of subject matter experts;
  4. Earn more from premium content.
  5. Offer niche and specialized content for different sub-categories of specialization and experience;
  6. Open up their development resources and opportunities to other professions and the public.

Wherever you may be in professional development, we are happy to partner with you in growing Kenya’s professionals.