Professional Associations with ApexCPD

Become a Partner Professional Association.

Instructors and resource persons are our foremost partners at ApexCPD. Are you a subject matter expert in a professional field? Do you have the knowledge, experience and skills in this field to qualify as a subject matter expert? This is an opportunity for you to share and impart your knowledge and skills with your professional colleagues on a continuing professional development eLearning platform. ApexCPD is an on demand, pre-recorded, interactive and self-paced online learning and development platform offering short courses for continuing professional development. Courses are built around studio recorded video tutorials as a form of delivery supported by transcripts and other resources for offline learning. Every course has several modules. Every module has several short lessons within it of not more than ten minutes each. Assessment and evaluation is done through quizzes, assessments and exams. Certificates and points are earned and delivered online upon passing the exam. Instructors could be either individuals or institutions. A course can be listed under an individual’s name or an institution. An institution could be a consultancy, a service company, academic institution or any other type of organisation. We have regard to the Intellectual property inherent in course development. We understand our resource persons have spent years and invested heavily in growing their knowledge and expertise to become subject matter experts in their field. All courses are accredited by our learning and development accreditation partner, Britannia Qualifications and Awards (BQA), (a UK licensed Accreditation Body), to ensure the course meets the requirements for learning and development. Certification will be by Instructor, Professional Body, BQA and ApexCPD.

Courses could be instructor generated, professional body initiated or ApexCPD recommended according to user requirements. While we endeavour to have all courses accredited with CPD points by the relevant professional body, this is not a requirement for course listing. Our objective is to have a repository of knowledge that can be accessed by users on demand. Courses are priced depending on several factors that include; course content, duration and complexity, instructor expertise and profile, professional body recommendation among others. The course price and schedule is determined before course development once a course outline is agreed upon. Learners will mostly be people already at work and may have a proficiency in the subject matter already but only require a certification or are looking to fulfil a Continuing Professional Development requirement. Every instructor will have their own personal account on the platform from where they can access course development resources, course enrolment, learner interaction and engagement, course and instructor feedback and revenue earned. The entire course development process will be facilitated at no cost to yourself. Contact us at or call us on 0777217603 for on boarding into the program. We’ll be happy to have you delivering your knowledge and expertise on the platform.